The low profile of this flexible strip of LEDs, which can be cut into smaller units, makes it an ideal way to illuminate even challenging spaces and structures, and to enhance complex or challenging professional light installations. You can use it to inject light into public displays and low-profile light guides, for advertising, signage and display lighting, to LED backlight complex contours, to light small coves and in a wide range of decorative applications (LF05A). Its flexible board backing and adhesive strip on the reverse make it easy to mold, shape and mount, and you can dim it with pulse width modulation (PWM). LINEARlight FLEX is available in a range of color temperatures and specifications, and some variants have additional cutting options when used with the appropriate accessories.


Product data sheet
Product family features
  • Can be divided into the smallest unit or multiples thereof without affecting the function of the remainder of the board
  • Dimmable by pulse width modulation (PWM)
Product family benefits
  • Low height for low-profile surface/enclosed mounting
  • Low thermal output
  • Flexible 3-D mounting possible
  • Flexible board with double-sided adhesive tape for simple mounting
  • LF05A with smaller dimensions and additional cutting options thanks to the use of the LF-2TERM end cap
Equipment / Accessories
  • Simplified connection with the optional CONNECTsystem
Family datasheet

Electrical data

Nominal wattage 24.50 W
Reverse Voltage 25 V
Type of current DC
Input voltage range 23…25 V
Nominal voltage 24.0 V

Photometrical data

Nominal dominant wavelength 470 nm
Light color (designation) Blue
Light color LED Blue
Luminous flux 290 lm

Light technical data

Beam angle 120 °

LED module information

Number of LEDs per smallest unit 5
Number of LEDs per module 200

Dimensions & weight

Length 6000 mm

LED pitch 30 mm

Length – smallest unit 150.0 mm
Width 8.0 mm
Height 2.5 mm
Product weight 39.00 g

Temperatures & operating conditions

Temperature range in operation at Tc point -30…75 °C

At the Tc point


Lifespan 50000 h

L70/B50 at Tc 40 °C


Dimmable Yes


Certificates & standards

Standards Acc. to 2004/108/EC

Logistical data

Temperature range at storage -40…85 °C
Commodity code 940540399000



Dimension l x w x h



4008321955425 FS
184mm x 30mm x 184mm 161.50g 1.02dm³
4008321955579 VS
241mm x 195mm x 205mm 1481.00g 9.63dm³
Maximum length of LED module per ECG 4.8 m
Maximum length of LED module per ECG 12.15 m
Maximum length of LED module per ECG 1.35 m
Maximum length of LED module per ECG 18.3 m
Maximum length of LED module per ECG 18.3 m
Maximum length of LED module per ECG 1.95 m


METEL code

STK number

4008321955425 OSRLF05EB2 4031335